Environmental protection

As an enterprise of chemical industry, we would thoroughly analyze, as early as in the stage of process engineering research, the possible influences from production on environment. And we would try our best to eliminate the potential environmental risks through optimizing production processes. At the same time, during the producing process, we would increase the utilization rate of energy and raw materials and effectively reuse and dispose "three wastes" (waste gas, waste water and waste residues) produced.

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Climate warming, exerting harmful influences on agricultural production and the health of human beings, has become an important environmental problem confronting the whole world. In this way, it is more than necessary for people in this world to advocate energy conservation and emission reduction concept. We have fully realized the importance of energy conservation and emission reduction and actively corporate with governments to implement this concept. Nutrichem sets goals of energy conservation and emission reduction every year and strengths the conservation and full use of resources through effective management.

For instance, we have upgraded technologies in high-energy process and promoted the conservation and recycling of office supplies.

At the same time, we are dedicated to encouraging and helping suppliers, customers and users to make endeavors in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Water resources conservation

As the source of life, water is an indispensable element in modern agriculture and industry production. The development of modern agriculture and industry production, together with sharp increase of population, has caused severe problems concerning water resources. “By the year of 2025, there would be more than two-thirds of world’s population suffering from water scarcity.” Human beings are now facing a double contradiction of both protecting and utilizing water resources. It is of urgent need to handle their relationship in a proper way, for it would pose direct influence on the sustainability of modern industry and agricultural production, and even the survival of human beings.

Since its establishment, Nutrichem has always been practicing principles as follows: striving to increase the utilization rate of water resources and to greatly decrease the influences of our operations onto water resources. Guided by this principle, we have separately collected and effectively disposed all waste water, and we have also conducted effective supervision on its disposing process. Besides, a sound emergency response plan has been established in accordance. On a regular base, we would carry out sampling inspection on the quality of soil and water in our factories and then make corresponding solutions according to results of inspection.

Meanwhile, we strive to eliminate its harmful influence onto water resources while using our products. For example, we are dedicated to the research and development of environmentally friendly formulations, training and advising our clients to properly use the products. We are also dedicated to increasing water utilization rate in agricultural production.