As the most basic Nutrichem existence and development mission, with our practical action to practice "Serving your corps by bettering ourselves ".

We shoulder the mission to protect the safety of human food production better, to better service for agrochemical global agriculture as own duty, take concrete actions to better promote stable global food production, to ensure the safety of food supplies.

Better promote transformation and upgrading of the agrochemical industry we shoulder the mission, adhere to better practice agrochemical industry responsible care for oneself, strive to play to the leading enterprise of agrochemical China leading role, leading agrochemical industry towards a new stage in China, we try our best to contribute to China and even the world agrochemical industry.

We shoulder the mission to better improve stakeholders' satisfaction degree, and to better meet the needs of all stakeholders as own duty, in particular to attach importance to grow concerned about the staff, committed to build for employees to realize personal dream platform, efforts to promote the Nutrichem people's quality of life and happiness.