With the globalization of the world economy, instead of economic indicators, sustainable development becomes more and more crucial as a measure of success for businesses. No company can perform well in international market in the future without sustainable development.

We firmly believe that “sustainable development” represents an advanced level of management concept, which is the direct embodiment of our social responsibility and solemn promise.

We deemed the sustainable development as a corporate development strategy. We deliver this idea to every employee so that sustainable development becomes a driving force of Nutrichem.

We evolved a scientific management system to continuously ameliorate our performance on environmental protection and to promote Nutrichem’s long-term sustainable development.

Our vision

Zero Accident—zero death, serious injuries, fire, explosion and lost workdays;

Zero Occupational Health Injuries—to control all human engineering risks and eliminate the number or extent of employee’s unacceptable exposure to chemicals;

Benign Emissions—all emissions from factories will not exert adverse influence on environment;

Circulation Use—to protect natural resources, through complete integration and circulation use of product and production.

Green Enery—to utilize energy with high efficiency and use renewable energy as much as possible;

Friendly Product—to give full considerations to health, security and environment during the process of all products’ research and development, design, production and operation, storage and transportation, use and waste, etc.

Our Guidelines

To comply with all national and regional applicable laws, regulations and guidelines related to health, security and environment, and also abide by generally accepted legitimate commercial practices;

To continuously improve our sustainable development management, strive to enhance performance in respect of health, security and environmental protection and then to provide a safe and healthy working environment for both employees and contractors;

To continuously increase our understanding and performance in terms of environment, health and security, and strive to make our operation friendly to human and environment in products’ full life cycle of research and development, design, production and operation, transportation, use and waste disposal.

To fully and effectively use energy and other resources and reduce the consumption as much as possible;

To familiarize all stakeholders with our core principle as well as health, security and environmental protection performance through honest communication, listen to their views and make an effort to solve the issues and expectations of their concern;

To encourage and help our suppliers, contractors and customers to adopt principles corresponding to us; and push forward the popularization and development process of sustainable development.