The advanced process and high standard manufacture base guarantees products of high quality by automatic control and rigid safety & environmental protection management.

We think highly of our social responsibility. Health, safety and environmental protection are always our top priorities. We aim to have zero fatalities and no accidents, injuries or harm to the environment, to secure the benefits of the public, employees and shareholders. We’ve built a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly workplace.

Principles we adhere to:

--- To comply with all governmental and local laws and regulation and guidelines related with HSE protection, as well as international norms and values of standard.

--- During R&D and design of products, production & operation, transportation and use of products, and waste gas treatment, Nutrichem keep improving the HSE performance and try our best to be environmentally friendly, as well as to meet clients’ demands.

---Nutrichem pursues subjectivity, controllability and advancement of independent design, especially special design for process engineering, design & manufacture of key facilities and automatic chain, etc.